Our wholesale men’s shapewears do not irritate your skin with their Anti-Bacterial Structure.

Package Contents: Those who have regional lubrication and sagging problems, those who are hunched and lean forward, and those who want to quickly recover their excess can easily use it.

Key Features: Corrects your body form and posture, absolutely invisible from the outside. Thanks to its special reinforced fabric applied to the belly, waist and back area, it carefully hides all the excess. Thanks to the muscle-like weaving specially made for the abdomen, it gives the appearance of having magnificent abdominal muscles in fit clothes.
As soon as the Shaper Athlete is worn with its toning effect, it evenly distributes the excess in the abdomen and chest area, collects the sagging, supports the back, and gives the always dreamed fit appearance and upright posture.
Since it is produced with a special knitting technique, it supports your back and allows you to stand more upright.
It prevents the formation of humpback.

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Men's-Compression-Shirt-Slimming-Body-Shaper-Vest-Gym-Workout-Sleeveless Men’s Compression Shirt ...


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