Compression stockings are special compression stockings. They are tight and elastic stockings that hug the leg. It supports blood circulation by applying pressure to the desired area of ​​the leg. In this way, it prevents the accumulation of dirty blood in the veins and prevents the progression of the problem. Thanks to its compression effect, it provides active rejuvenation, energy and stronger muscles, faster heating and regeneration for the legs.
Compression stockings are produced from environmentally friendly natural anti-bacterial bamboo fibers, so they prevent bacterial growth. It expels moisture from the feet. It applies a pressure of 14mmHg on the calves and 16mmHg on the ankle. It is a sock that can be preferred by anyone who has to work standing up for a long time, travel, work sitting, jogging and walking.
USAGE AREAS OF COMPRESSION SOCKS: It is ideal for those traveling in airplanes, trains, automobiles and similar travel vehicles, hospital workers, teachers, waiters, couriers, hairdressers, security guards, those who do sports, and pregnant women.
62% Bamboo 19% PES 19% Elastane
STYLE : Casual, Sports
YARN: Bamboo

Please Note: There are 12 Crew Socks in the package. Products will come in assorted colors and patterns.

Colors and patterns may vary depending on stock availability. If you want to buy in bulk for a special color or pattern, please contact us on Whatsapp.


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