Buywholesaletextile knee high socks are produced with comfort and foot health in mind.

It has a special rubber structure that will not slip / fall down from the calf,

It is the ideal sock that all young girls should choose to reflect their style.

It provides a stylish look with mini shorts and skirts.

It is the perfect stocking for elegant women who want to look fashionable, stylish and stylish, and who also care about their foot health.

You can use it safely in all kinds of shoes. The product is made of cotton and does not contain polyester.

Brand Origin : Turkey

Production Place : TURKEY

Leg Measurements in the Image

Leg Length: 87 cm

Knee Length: 48 cm

Calf Width: 43 cm

Shoe Size 37

90% Cotton, 8% Polyamide, 2% Elastane

YARN : Cotton

Ağırlık 0.050 kg
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